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Bringing Home the Purple Banner Sale 2018
October 2, 2018
Hosted by Show Circuit

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Lot #14 - Tag 46


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MR Rusylvia Bennilli 6B
Feb. 10 2014
Dam Miss Rusylvia 36U
Sire GVC SUH 01W
BW 98 lbs | WW-880 lbs on Sept 26 2014
Homozygous Black
Homozygous Polled TH and PHA tested clear

2014- as a calf
Grand Champion Bull- all breeds Vermilion Fair
Grand Champion Maine Anjou Bull-FarmFair International
Grand Champion Maine Anjou Bull-Agribition Plus calf bull champion divisions

2015- as yearling
GrandChampion Breeders Choice Bull- all breeds Canadian Bull Congress- Gold Medal from Ireland presented as well to Top Bull of all breeds
Champion Junior Bull- FarmFair International
National Champion Maine Anjou Bull- Farmfair International
Champion Junior Maine Anjou Bull- Agribition
Reserve Champion Maine Anjou Bull- Agribition

2016 National Western Stock Show Reseve Champion Junior Bull

Owned and Raised by:
Rusylvia Cattle Co.
Derwent, Alberta Canada
Home 780-741-2188
Ken's Cell 780-787-0237
Tyson’s Cell 780-581-3870


Minimum of 10 semen $40/unit US FUNDS

Contact for Semen in the USA:

Chuck and Karen McCullough

Cow Barn

Check out The COW Barn webpage for pricing and the different kinds of colors. If you have a custom calf that you have showed and want us to duplicate it, send us a picture and we will see what we can do. If you have any questions call Janice and Wendy McElvain 641-895-4611 or

Black Baldie

Boer Goat



DVD special!!!

Sale of $75.00 for the pair

Chuck McCullough
Clip & Daily Care Like A Pro DVD
$40.00 plus tax and shipping $5.00

- Explains the everyday hair care of your calf, how to grow, and keep hair looking healthy.

- Covers complete clipping of a calf with drop down menu where you can choose what section you want to watch or watch the video from start to finish.

Chuck McCullough
Fit & Show Like A Pro DVD
$40.00 plus tax and shipping $5.00

- Covers all you need to know for show day. Complete fitting process including the many things that have changed in the past few years.

- Explains how to prepare your calf to be successful in the show ring.



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