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Wahl 8879 Storm II Clippers 
$165.00 + tax and shipping $10.00

  • Powerful 2 speed rotary motor with speeds of 3100 and 4700 SPM's
  • Storm II clipper has a contoured, ergonomic design that reduces hair clogging.
  • Includes a #10 New and Improved Ultimate Competition Series Blade with 2.5x’s faster cutting performance.
  • Weighs a mere 11.6 ounces and is perfectly balanced to decrease wrist fatigue and injury.
  • Patented easy-to-replace drive tip system doesn’t require taking apart the clipper
  • The 16’ power cord is extremely flexible, even in temperatures less than 30 degrees.
Kit Also Includes:
    • Two-speed Storm II clipper with 16' heavy duty power cord
    • NEW Ultimate Competition #10 detachable blade set
    • Drive tip removal tool
    • 2 extra replacement drive tips
    • Cleaning brush and oil
    • Operating manual
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Lister Legend Clipper
$279.95 Plus Tax and shipping $9.95

Features: Fast 3100 rmp blade speed. Faster than any other Lister clipper. Extreme torque and powerful motor. Easy grip handle with easy-to-reach on and off switch. Ventilated head to keep blades cool. Includes one set of fine blades and a bag case.

Wahl Stainless Steel Attachment Guide Combs
$39.95 plus tax and shipping $9.95

NEW!!! 8 piece set of clip on guide combs Simply snaps onto the underside of #30 blade set on your Wahl Switch Blade, KM2 or other small clippers. Assures hair is all clipped to one length. Great for Pure Bred Goats or the neck and brisket of cattle.

Wahl X-Blend Blade
$32.50 plus tax and shipping $4.95

New! Fits Switchblade, Andis 2 Speed, KM2, Oster Turbo 5 clippers. Stays sharper longer!

 X-BLOCK™ - By Wahl
 $32.50 plus tax and shipping $4.95

This blade easily skims through the thickest hair and even clips through adhesive. Fits Wahl KM2, Mini Micros, and Andis Super 2 Speeds. Stays sharper longer!

Wahl/Lister Star Clipper
257.95 plus tax and shipping $9.95

The Star clipper has become a very popular clipper for all livestock. It is smaller, lighter, shorter and more balanced than the Stablemate clipper. Its advanced motor is actually 33% more powerful than the stablemate - a great advantage when clipping through thick hair or wool. The body of the motor is triangular shaped making it easier for smaller hands to grip. This clipper can be equipped with Hairhead or Wizard blades.


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Chuck McCullough - Clip & Daily Care Like A Pro DVD
$40.00 plus tax and shipping $5.00

- Explains the everyday hair care of your calf, how to grow, and keep hair looking healthy.

- Covers complete clipping of a calf with drop down menu where you can choose what section you want to watch or watch the video from start to finish.

Chuck McCullough - Fit & Show Like A Pro DVD
$40.00 plus tax and shipping $5.00

- Covers all you need to know for show day. Complete fitting process including the many things that have changed in the past few years.

- Explains how to prepare your calf to be successful in the show ring.


Both Like A Pro DVD's
$75.00 plus tax and shipping $5.00

Chuck McCullough - Show Day DVD
$35.00 plus tax and shipping $5.00

- Covers all you need to know about fitting and showmanship.

Chuck McCullough - Show Day Prep DVD
$40.00 plus tax and shipping $5.00

- Covers all you need to know for daily care and clipping.


Both Show DVD's
$65.00 plus tax and shipping $5.00

SciZyme Concentrate
Maine Aim Special Pricing

SciZyme Concentrate
SciZyme will make a Healthier and more Pleasant Environment for You and Your Animals SciZyme is a safe and highly concentrated enzyme capable of reducing a wide range of organic odors associated with animal waste. SciZyme's bio-enzyme microbes, when wet, consume the organic waste by speeding up nature's own process with the enzymes that create odorless waste.

SciZyme is easy to use. Just mix with clean tap water and spray.

SciZyme is safe for both people and animals, including small pets.

•Livestock Auction Facilities
•Fair Arenas
•Cool Rooms
•Cages & Kennels
•Barns & Stalls
•Petting Areas
•Bedding Areas
•Holding Pens
•Trucks & Trailers

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