Fresh Beef for your 4 Legged Family members

Feeding our 4 legged family members, we love our cats and dogs!  They are such a blessing and a big part of our lives.  Through raising and taking care of our pets we get asked for advice on what kind of dog food do we feed our pack at Maine Aim Ranch Dogs?  Several years ago we started butchering older cows that don't bring much at the market.  These cows that only bring $200-300 to the rancher when they are sold to market, would then be sold in grocery stores and the middle man would make a great profit off of them.  We decided that it would be healthier for our dogs if we instead butchered these and gave each a 1/4-1/2lbs frozen hamburger patties everyday.  Our dogs love it and fresh bones to chew on too.  The great debate has been what is a health food choice for dogs and the question of Grain Free or what should go into dog food.  In the wild canines don't graze, they hunt for meat, so doesn't it make more sense to feed them what they are meant to eat and the way God designed.  Also, so very many preservatives go into dog and cat food to prolong it's shelf life and I think that is the bigger problem, more so, then the original ingredient.