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           After enjoying the great product of our labor for many years and knowing exactly what goes into our top quality farm raised beef, which with confidence we feed our very own family, we have decided to offer this same quality beef available for other families to enjoy it also. As busy as we are here on the ranch, with taking care and homeschooling our two younger children, raising and looking after 150 head of cattle, and raising our beautiful puppies, we know how busy life can be. That's why having beef in your deep freeze, ready to throw in a crock pot or on a grill, makes ordering and having beef on hand, a must in today's busy world.

           You can taste the difference! Each beef we sell is farm raise, has no added hormones, and cared for by a small family farm and processed by a USDA inspected butcher. For years the rancher has worked hard and produced a top notch product.
The price though the rancher receives from his hard labor is minimal compared to what the middle man makes off of the beef the ranch produces. This is why we are starting to sell our own beef, so we can stay on the farm doing what we love to do and maybe someday our children maybe able to do the same.

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                A cattle ranchers life revolves around birthing, feeding, checking, raising and selling cattle, from one season to the next. Our days look like rising at dawn, doing morning devotions and prayer time thanking the good Lord for what He has given to us, completing farm chores, feeding or moving the cattle herd to a different pasture, checking fences, baling hay, assisting a mama cow giving birth, and paying bills. In between tasks, you might have time to grab a sandwich or drive into town to pick up a repair part for the tractor or equipment. Cattle ranchers must be good at planning and be ready to change them in a heart beat, budgeting and cost accounting can be difficult depending on the weather to calve out cows and to grow your crop. Even after careful calculation of fixed operating costs, and an accurate estimation of operating expenses, such as veterinarian bills, can make it hard to predict what your income will be each year. Most cattle ranchers and their spouse work a second job for added income to support the farm and for family health coverage.
Through this new venture we hope to help us make a living here on the ranch with the hope that our children will be able to take over someday to be a part of feeding the world.

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